Businesses, property, relationships

See the connections

Get the whole picture

Big data for banking, legal and professional advisory

Get better insight on your existing clients, potential clients and the people your clients are dealing with.

Connect the dots and get the whole picture on your client’s business interests, property and relationships.

Turns public information into indispensible client insight

ClinkID combines live public data from multiple sources into a single intuitive, visual interface. It’s fast, powerful and easy to use.

Spend less time asking your clients for public information you should already have, or searching multiple public registers over and over again.

You’ll understand how it’s all connected

You’ll be delighted with surprising intelligence on how people, assets and other people are connected.

Our technology works seamlessly to match data across different public registers, so that you can get the whole picture on what a client owns, directly and indirectly, who they’re connected to and how they’re connected.

Search results can be expanded to show linkages. Getting more detail on the people and assets you're interested only takes a couple of clicks.

Stay ahead of the curve

ClinkID is a big data tool without the big learning curve.

People in the banking, advisory, legal and property sectors are using ClinkID as a smarter, faster way to solve old problems and eliminate everyday information gaps:

  • Map out company groups and company/property structures in seconds
  • Be less reliant on what clients tell you about their property and business assets and structures
  • Quickly work out who owns or controls a company or a property, even when there are layers or entities in place to obscure it
  • Visualise historical patterns instantly
  • Get a quick, insightful overview of a prospective client’s business and property interests before meeting them
  • Identify clients who could introduce you to a potential new client
  • Track down control relationships and ultimate beneficial ownership more easily
  • Meet compliance requirements for on-boarding new clients more efficiently

ClinkID currently links companies, people and land in NZ. More datasets and exciting new features are in the pipeline.

Business/commercial banking

  • Prospecting, on-boarding and client due diligence
  • Customer insight
  • Annual client reviews
  • AML compliance
  • Related party research


  • Client insight
  • Client-centred property search
  • Due diligence
  • Litigation research
  • Witness and counterparty due diligence
  • Business development
  • Conflict-of-interest checking
  • Related party research

Professional advisory

  • Client insight, especially for middle-market practices
  • Business development
  • Annual client reviews
  • Audit independence and conflict checks
  • Investigations and business recovery
  • Related party research

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